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NewRoadmap for Q2 2020 released

Create Request for Quotation with your items

Use your existing products and services from QuickBooks to create RFQ's.

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Send RFQ's to your existing vendors and new ones

Send RFQ's automatically to existing vendors via email. Share RFQ's to vendors that you don't have record about yet and get them created automatically when RFQ is awarded.

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Compare Quotes -> Award winning bid -> automatic Purchase Order in QuickBooks

Easily compare received quotes from your vendors. Choose the winning bid and have Purchase Order created automatically.

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Features and benefits

Everything you need to manage your sourcing.

Deep integration

Gosourcingwise is deeply integrated with QuickBooks. QuickBooks is source of truth for master data.

Intuitive to use

Sourcing process in Gosourcingwise is well thought through and easy to use.


Gosourcingwise is running in a secure cloud. Your data is safe with us.


Analyze every RFQ project and the received quotes by dates, prices etc.

Smart and simple

Gosourcingwise allows vendors to enter quotes without registering or signup and still captures their data.

New vendors created automatically

When vendor without master data in QuickBooks enters quote and is rewared then its masterdata is created automatically.

Both for services and products

Use for both services and products. Create new services and products when they are missing.

Keep growing

We keep the core simple and easy to use but still add new features to grow with you.