How gosourcingwise works and frequently asked questions

Below are some key points on how the system works and what you can expect. It also explain what kind of data we sync to and from QuickBooks.


Our core offer is Request for Quotation process automation. This means that we enable to create Request for Quotation, add vendors, add items and services, enter deadline for quote submissions and delivery date for the goods and services to be delivered. We are syncing data off QuickBooks which means that source of truth for data is always QuickBooks. That way we eliminate data duplication and all the trouble and mistakes it causes.

Data we sync

We will sync vendors, items and services. We will keep them in sync when new ones are added or deleted in QuickBooks or existing ones are changed.

Data we write to QuickBooks

We will create new Purchase Orders in QuickBooks but don't submit them but only save.

How vendors can submit their quotes

When you create a RFQ and select vendors then after submitting it vendors will receive email with special link on where they can enter their quotes. They don't need to register but we will identify them and save their quote under their vendor account.
Vendors that you don't have record off can submit also their quotes. You can email or share link to them which allows them to enter both their details and their quotes.

Steps to have Purchase Order created in QuickBooks

  1. Create RFQ
  2. Assign vendors
  3. Submit the RFQ
  4. Vendors will receive emails and enter their quotes
  5. Compare quotes
  6. Select the winning quote
  7. Purchase order is created in QuickBooks